Our Story

Hoi An Bike Rental was incidentally founded at a small pub beside the Hoai river of Hoi An. After a football game, Khang and Minh – close friends from high school but haven’t met for a long time – had some beer and talked about work, family and future plans. With many years experience of working as a bus driver carrying travelers around Hoi An, Khang found that almost all motorbike shops in Hoi An do not provide customers with areliable bikes. Khang and Minh have agreed that there are something wrong with this.

With love for their hometown – Hoi An – and a great desire of helping travelers have amazing vacations in Hoi An, Khang and Minh knew what they should do. After some more beer, Hoi An Bike Rental was born…

About Hoi An Bike Rental

Our Mission

At Hoi An Bike Rental, our mission is to contribute to bringing you relaxing and memorable trips in Hoi An. For that, we provide our customers a premium motorbike rental service with high-quality bikes, handy good-quality accessories and a dedicated customer service. Driving our bikes, you will be relaxed to discover the beauties of Hoi An.

Together with Hoi An Bike Rental, you will have an amazing trip in graceful and delightful Hoi An.

Smile of travelers in Hoi An
Smile of travelers in Hoi An

Our Team

Nhat Khang - Co-founder of Hoi An Bike Rental

Nhat Khang (Kane)

Been working as a driver for more than 10 years carrying tourists around Vietnam, Khang knows how to sastify travelers and make them happy. At Hoi An Bike Rental, Khang is in charge of bike delivery, technical support and regular bike maintenance to ensure maximum safety for our customers.

Mike - Founder of Hoi An Bike Rental

Nhat Minh (Mike)

As  a close friend of Khang’s from high school, Minh has years of working in IT and Marketing. At Hoi An Bike Rental, Minh is in charge of sales and marketing strategies. With a great love for Hoi An, Minh has many ideas to bring more safety and satisfaction to his customers.

My Dzung (Ms.)

My Dzung (Dyan)

Dzung is the wife of Khang. During a lot of years, Dzung has worked as a Sales and Customer Service at many hotels, shops in Hoi An. At Hoi An Bike Rental, Dzung is responsible for customer service. She helps to make customers happy when using our service.

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