Why choose Hoi An Bike Rental?

Find out why Hoi An Bike Rental is your best choice for hiring motorbike in Hoi An.

Perfect-Condition Bikes

At Hoi An Bike Rental, we provide you with perfect-condition bikes only (good brakes, tires, mirrors, horn,…). Almost all of our bikes are new or near-new (we sell our bikes and buy brand new ones after 18-24 months). With great-condition bikes, you can enjoy your riding to explore the beauties of Hoi An and surroundings.

Hire bikes in Hoi An - Automatic scooter & Manual motorcycle

Variety of Bike Models

Hoi An Bike Rental provides you with full range of motorbikes/scooters, so you can easily choose your favourite bikes:

  • 50cc scooter: Kymco Like 50cc (automatic), SYM Elegant 50cc (semi-automatic)
  • 110-155cc scooter: Honda Air Blade 110cc/125cc, Honda PCX 125cc, Yamaha NVX 155cc
  • Manual motorcycle: Yamaha FZ150i (150cc), Yamaha R15 (150cc), Yamaha R3 (300cc)

Full Tank of Petrol

Almost all of the bike shops in Hoi An (and Vietnam) offer you bikes with empty tanks or just a little bit of gas enough for some km riding. Then, you have to find a gas station to refuel before the trips. But at Hoi An Bike Rental, we do it in a contrary way. We deliver you bikes with absolutely full of tanks, so you can start your trip immediately.

Hire bikes in Hoi An - Full of tank
Hire bikes in Hoi An - High-quality helmets

Handy Accessories

In addition to new reliable bikes, we provide you a full of handy accessories which make your trips more safe and convenient:

  • High-quality helmets (we offer children helmets for kids also)
  • Mobile phone holder (helpful for navigation by Google Maps, Maps.Me)
  • Rain ponchos, Medical first aid kits
  • Emergency phone (for emergency call)
  • Helpful tips with scenic and safe predefined routes

Easy to Book a Bike

It is very easy to book bikes with us in Hoi An. You can easily make an online booking on our website, or text/call to WhatsApp +84 9611 72420, or contact us via Facebook (fb.com/HoiAnBikeRental). If you would like to cancel your booking, feel free to let us know. No charge, no complaint. We are always happy to assist you.

Hoi An Bike Rental - Free delivery and pickup
Hoi An Bike Rental - Free delivery and pickup

Free Delivery and Pickup

We support you for deliver and pick up at any place in Hoi An. On delivery, we show you a brief instructions with helpful tips for riding in and around Hoi An. If you do not have any riding experience, we are happy to assist you for practicing at a quiet road (but we recommend you should not ride bikes in Vietnam withour riding experience).

Scenic and Safe Routes

To help you have a fabulous riding experience to explore the beauties of Hoi An, we offer not only great bikes but also helpful information for riding in and around Hoi An. A list of all attractions with scenic and safe routes to My Son, Golden Bridge, Hai Van Pass,… (predefined Google Maps) will be sent to you to support your riding in Hoi An.

Why Hoi An Bike Rental?
24/7 roadside assistance

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Helping you have a fabulous riding in Hoi An is our top priority. We are always available to support you whenever you need a help. You can easily catch us via WhatsApp, Facebook, Live chat, Call, SMS… Please feel free to contact us for any support via hotline +84 9611 72420 (WhatsApp available).

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We love you!

You come to visit Hoi An – our lovely homeland. So you are our special guests. We adore you and wish you a wonderful trip in Hoi An. At Hoi An Bike Rental, the best thing we can do is to bring you a premium motorbike rental service with reliable bikes, affordable price and excellent customer service. We ensure that you will have an amazing time in the peaceful and graceful Hoi An using our service.

If you need any help or information for your trip, please feel free to ask us. We are always ready to support you. Because we adore you and do hope you have a memorable trip in our homeland.

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