Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: April 20, 2019

The Bike & Customer Support

1. How is quality of bikes at Hoi An Bike Rental?

At Hoi An Bike Rental, all bikes are new and high-quality. All of them have regular maintenance to ensure maximum safety for our customers. Each bike is maintained as follows:

  • Immediate check after collecting from each ride
  • Re-check 30 minutes before delivering to new customers
  • Weekly maintenance
2. Which accessories are equipped with the bike?

Your bike is well-equipped with a full set of accessories for a safe, smooth and convenient trip:

  • High-quality 3/4-Face or Full-Face Helmets
  • Rain Poncho
  • Medical Firsl Aid Kit for minor injuries
  • Emergency Mobile Phone for emergency cases (especially in case your phone is unavailable in Vietnam)
  • Phone Holder to be set at bike’s front part for easy navigation (Google Maps, Maps.Me) during rides
  • List of destinations in and around Hoi An (My Son Sanctuary, Marble Mountain, Hai Van Pass,…)

In addition, we have a full range of accessories for rent: Selfie Stick, Biker Camera, Top Box, Elbow & Knee Guard

3. Do I need to refuel the bike after getting it from Hoi An Bike Rental?

Unlike other scooter renting services in Hoi An (and also other services around Vietnam), the bikes of Hoi An Bike Rental are delivered to you with full tank of petrol. Therefore, you can just immediately ride away without having to worry about finding the nearest gas station to refuel.

Also, please fill up the tank before returning the bikes. If you don’t want to refuel, you can pay us a small amount of money for the petrol. The maximum cost will be: $4 (Standard Bike) / $8 (Premium Bike) / $13 (Motor Bike).

4. What support our customers can get from us when hitting a bike problem?

In the event of a bike problem, please call us at +84 9611 72420 (WhatsApp available) for support. Grab and use the Emergency Mobile Phone available in the centre compartment of the bike.

You can also chat with us on Skype hoianbikerental or Facebook If you are near to any motorbike repair shop, come in there and ask for repair service. We are sure that the locals are willing to assist you. When in there, just use the Emergency Mobile Phone to call us so that we can help with talking to the repairing workers.

How to Book a Bike?

1. How to book a bike?

You can easily book a bike via:

2. If I haven’t made a booking before, can I rent a bike when I arrive Hoi An?

No worries. You can make a booking any time that suits you. If we have the bike available for you, we will deliver it to you within 30-45 minutes:

  • Text or call us via WhatsApp +84 9611 72420
  • Or request for booking support from the receptionist at your accommodation

We will try to arrange bikes for you upon availability.

3. Do I need to hand over my passport to Hoi An Bike Rental when renting a bike?

No. Your passport is not required to hire a bike from us.

4. Do I need to deposit when renting bikes from Hoi An Bike Rental?

Yes. But it should be easy for you. Just leave one of these: driving license / personal ID card / credit card / original passport. Or you can leave cash deposit: 2 mil. VND for Standard / Standard+ Bike | 4 mil. VND for Premium Bike / Motorbike.

5. Why is Hoi An Bike Rental’s bike renting 1-2 USD higher than other renting services in Hoi An?

Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. So, we provide you with new, reliable and well-maintained bikes. In addition, you are equipped with a lot of accessories which will bring you more smoothness and comfort during the trip. Therefore, we’ve been spending much cost for our bikes than other vendors’ in Hoi An.

We are sure that you’ll be happy with our service even when you need to pay $1-2 more.

6. Can I cancel my booking?

Sure. You can cancel the booking whenever you want. No charge, no complain. Just let us know your cancellation via email or WhatsApp +84 9611 72420.

7. How do I pay?

We are just small family-based business. So we accept cash only. But you can pay by any currency (VND, AUD, Euro, GBP, USD, SGD,…). And you pay when you finish the rental. You don’t need to pay upfront cost.

8. Does Hoi An Bike Rental offer free bikes delivery and pickup?

Yes. We offer free delivery and pickup at any place in Hoi An (hotel, homestay, cafe, shop,…). For delivery/pickup to outside of Hoi An (such as Da Nang), a small fee is applied as below:

  • 10 km from the centre of Hoi An: $5/one way
  • 20 km from the centre of Hoi An: $8/one way
  • 30 km from the centre of Hoi An: $10/one way
9. If either bikes or accessories are damaged or lost, how much is the reimbursement?

We do hope that our customers are not going to experience any problem. In the event of problems, we do hope no any serious injury caused to our customers. If customers experience bikes’ losses, we will estimate reasonable cost upon usage time of the bikes. The cost will be fluctuating from $1,200 – $3,500. If customers experience bikes’ damage, we will work with the respective Warranty Center to estimate reimbursement.

Bike accessories are reimbursed as follows:

  • Rain Poncho: $8
  • Medical First Aid Kit: $14
  • Phone Holder: $15
  • Elbow & Knee Guard:: $9
  • Emergency Mobile Phone: $22
  • 3/4-Face Helmet: $35
  • Full-Face Helmet: $50
  • Top Box: $80
  • Biker Camera: $150
10. Does Hoi An Bike Rental support me to bring the bike back in case I’m intoxicated?

Yes. Our advice for customers is NOT TO RIDE when intoxicated. Either take a taxi home or take a pillion seat with the sober friend. Call us at +84 9611 72420 (WhatsApp available) for bringing the bike back to your accommodation at just $10.

Tips for Riding in Hoi An

1. Do I need to have a driving license to ride motorbike/scooter in Hoi An?

By law, you need it. Everybody need to have a driving license for riding >50cc scooter/motorbike in Vietnam. But police in Hoi An and surroundings (Da Nang, My Son, Hai Van Pass,…) never stop foreign travelers. So no worries about this.

2. Cautions when riding in Hoi An (and Da Nang, Hue)?

The most important tip is to always ride the bike carefully. In addition, you should put these tips into your mind:

  • Always wear a helmet for your safety
  • Ride at the right side
  • Not be afraid of pushing the horn
  • Don’t ride your bike back when intoxicated, instead, take a taxi. In case of being drunk, call us for support of bringing the bike back to your hotel.
  • Be extra careful when passing or turning at the crossroads (even at the crossroads with traffic lights because there might be people running red lights)
3. Is traffic in Hoi An safe for scooter riding?

Hoi An is not a very crowded city and has quite a good traffic. Therefore, it’s safe and convenient to ride scooters here. Of course, you also need to be mindful when riding on the road. Safety first!

4. In Hoi An, do police usually stop and fine travelers?

Never. Or almost never. You rarely see them along the way in Hoi An and surroundings.

Need help? Text/call us via WhatsApp +84 9611 72420 or Live chat with us.

Start your amazing trip in Hoi An.