Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: April 20, 2019

The Bike & Customer Support

1. How is quality of bikes at Hoi An Bike Rental?

We offer new bikes only. Almost of them are 2019 bikes, some are 2017-2018. All of them are perfect-condition and regular maintained to ensure the wuality for riding.

  • Immediate check after collecting from customers
  • Re-check before delivering to new customers
  • Weekly maintenance
2. Which accessories are equipped with the bike?

Our bikes always come with handy accessories helping you have a smooth and safe riding:

  • High-quality helmets with visor (each bike comes with 3-4 different size helmets, so you can choose which ones fitting your head)
  • Mobile phone holder (attaching mobile phone for navigation with Google Maps or Maps.Me)
  • Medical first aid kits in case of accident (our customers oten use medical to help other people on the way)
  • Emergency mobile phone for emergency call (especially in case your phone is unavailable in Vietnam)
  • A very helpful email for a list of interesting atractions in and around Hoi An (with Google Maps links for the best route to My Son, Ba Na Hills, Countryside, hidden beaches, list of gas stations,…)

In addition, we offer other accessories for extra rental: biker camera, top-box, elbow & knee guard pads

3. Will the bikes come with empty tanks?

No. No worries about fuel on delivery. Unlike other bike shops in Hoi An (and maybe Vietnam), our bikes will be delivered to you with full tanks of gas (absolutely full). Just get the bikes and head to where you would like to go.

When you return the bikes, you can choose to fill them up or pay for the difference (fuel you would use). We will charge you same price as gas station, and even cheaper than any gas station (We do not want to over-charge our customers, so we alwasy under-estimate the fuel you would use).

4. What happens if we have an issue on the way, such as an accident?

Well, it will be an unexpected case. You and we don’t want any issue happen on the way, but it may happen. In that case, we are always ready to assist you. Please catch us via any contact as below:

How to Book a Bike?

1. How to book a bike?

It should be easy for you. You can choose any methods as below to book a bike. The easiest is text us a message via WhatsAp or Facebook:

2. If we have not booked a bike before, can we rent a bike when we arrive Hoi An?

Sure. You can book a bike anytime you want. We will be not sure, but we almost always have excellent bikes available for you. We will try to arrange delivery to you within 30 minutes after you contact us or finish the booking.

3. Do we have to leave our passport for renting?

No. Your passport is not required to hire a bike from us. For deposit of the bikes, you can choose to leave a driving license, personal id card, credit card (rider ‘s or passenger ‘s is fine), or cash (any currency is accepted).

5. Why is Hoi An Bike Rental’s price 1-2 USD higher than other bike shop?

We know that our price is a little bit higher than other shops. And we are so sorry for this. But we offer you a top-notch bike rental service that is different than other bike shops in Hoi An (or Vietnam). Almost of them offer you with a bike. That is all!

We offer you with a fabulous riding experience to explore beauties of Hoi An and surroundings. Therefore, we offer you with new bikes (almost of them are brand new 2019 version) coming with handy accessories (high-quality helmets, phone holder for navigation, rain ponchos for raining, emergency phone for support,…). And especially very helpful information for the best routes and best attractions in and around Hoi An. We do not offer you a bike, we offer you a riding experience. That will not be fair to compare our price to other bike shops. It will be a little bit higher. But you will be happy.

6. Can we cancel our booking?

Sure. You can cancel the booking whenever you want. No charge, no complain. Just let us know your cancellation via email or WhatsApp +84 9611 72420.

7. How do we pay?

We are just small family-based business, so we accept cash only. But you can pay by any currency (VND, AUD, Euro, GBP, USD, SGD,…). And you pay when you finish the rental. You don’t need to prepare cash on delivery.

8. Does Hoi An Bike Rental offer free delivery and pickup?

Yes. We offer free delivery and pickup at any place in Hoi An (hotel, homestay, cafe, shop,…). For delivery/pickup to outside of Hoi An (such as Da Nang), a small fee is applied as below:

  • 10 km from the centre of Hoi An: $5/one way
  • 20 km from the centre of Hoi An: $8/one way
  • 30 km from the centre of Hoi An: $10/one way
9. If either bikes or accessories are damaged or lost, how much is the reimbursement?

We do hope that our customers are not going to experience any problem. In the event of problems, we do hope no any serious injury caused to our customers. If customers experience bikes’ losses, we will estimate reasonable cost upon usage time of the bikes. The cost will be fluctuating from $1,200 – $3,500. If customers experience bikes’ damage, we will work with the respective Warranty Center to estimate reimbursement.

Bike accessories are reimbursed as follows:

  • Rain Poncho: $8
  • Medical First Aid Kit: $14
  • Phone Holder: $15
  • Elbow & Knee Guard:: $9
  • Emergency Mobile Phone: $22
  • 3/4-Face Helmet: $35
  • Full-Face Helmet: $50
  • Top Box: $80
  • Biker Camera: $150
10. Does Hoi An Bike Rental support me to bring the bike back in case I’m intoxicated?

Yes. Our advice for customers is NOT TO RIDE when intoxicated. Either take a taxi home or take a pillion seat with the sober friend. Call us at +84 9611 72420 (WhatsApp available) for bringing the bike back to your accommodation at just $10.

Tips for Riding in Hoi An

1. Do I need to have a driving license to ride motorbike/scooter in Hoi An?

By law, you need it. Everybody need to have a driving license for riding >50cc scooter/motorbike in Vietnam. But police in Hoi An and surroundings (Da Nang, My Son, Hai Van Pass,…) never stop foreign travelers. So no worries about this.

2. Cautions when riding in Hoi An (and Da Nang, Hue)?

The most important tip is to always ride the bike carefully. In addition, you should put these tips into your mind:

  • Always wear a helmet for your safety
  • Ride at the right side
  • Not be afraid of pushing the horn
  • Don’t ride your bike back when intoxicated, instead, take a taxi. In case of being drunk, call us for support of bringing the bike back to your hotel.
  • Be extra careful when passing or turning at the crossroads (even at the crossroads with traffic lights because there might be people running red lights)
3. Is traffic in Hoi An safe for scooter riding?

Hoi An is not a very crowded city and has quite a good traffic. Therefore, it’s safe and convenient to ride scooters here. Of course, you also need to be mindful when riding on the road. Safety first!

4. In Hoi An, do police usually stop and fine travelers?

Never. Or almost never. You rarely see them along the way in Hoi An and surroundings.

Need help? Text/call us via WhatsApp +84 9611 72420 or Live chat with us.

Start your amazing trip in Hoi An.