Top 10 Attractions in the South of Hoi An

Areas in the south of Hoi An are not well-known touristy areas as in the north (Da Nang, Hue, Hai Van Pass) or in the west (My Son Sanctuary, Prao, Ho Chi Minh Trails). But there still are interesting attractions in the areas that you can consider to visit; especially for those who want to escape from crowded touristy attractions. Read the following article for top 10 attractions in the area.

1. Countryside around Truong Giang River

Location: It is an area along the Truong Giang River, you can refer to the below Google Maps link for the starting point of your journey to explore the countryside along the river. Starting point is about 10km away from Hoi An city centre, easy to get there via Cua Dai Bridge (new high bridge by the beach) or Cam Kim Island.
Google Maps:
Description: Truly Vietnam countryside with rural people & rural life along the way: local people (farmers, fishermen), local markets, rice paddies, rivers, lakes,…

Countryside around Truong Giang River, South Hoi An

2. Tam Thanh Beach

Location: Tam Thanh, Tam Ky, Quang Nam
Google Maps:
Description: Not touristy beach, you can easily find a very quiet place at this beach

Tam Thanh Beach, South Hoi An

3. Tam Thanh Rural Village

Location: Tam Thanh Beach, Tam Ky, Quang Nam
Google Maps:

Tam Thanh Mural Village, South Hoi An

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4. The Vietnam’s Heroic Mother Statue

Location: Tam Phu, Tam Ky, Quang Nam
Google Maps:

Vietnam Heroic Mother Statue, South Hoi An

5. Tam Hai Island

Location: Tam Hai, Nui Thanh, Quang Nam
Google Maps:
Description: A small and tranquil island, long beaches, coconut groves, volcanic cliffs, and sleepy villages.

Tam Hai Island, South Hoi An

6. Phu Ninh Lake

Location: Phu Ninh, Quang Nam
Google Maps:

Phu Ninh Lake, South Hoi An

7. Chien Dan Cham Tower

Location: Tam An, Phu Ninh, Quang Nam
Google Maps:

Chien Dan Tower, South Hoi An

8. Bai Rang – Nui Thanh

Location: Nui Thanh, Quang Nam
Google Maps:

Bai Rang, South Hoi An

9. Ky Anh Tunnels

Address: Thach Tan village, Tam Thang, Tam Ky
Google Maps:

Ky Anh Tunnels, South Hoi An

10. Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An (VinWonders Nam Hoi An)

Location: Binh Minh, Thang Binh, Quang Nam
Google Maps:

VinWonders, Vinpearland Nam Hoi An, South Hoi An

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