Hoi An Bike Parking

The below list shows you almost all of the bike parking lots in Hoi An and surroundings. A predefined Google Maps with location of all parking lots is included. In addition, some helpful tips for bike parking are provided also.

1. Bike parking lots on Google Maps

For the location of bike parking lots in and around Hoi An, please check the map as below or click this link.

2. Helpful tips for parking in Hoi An

Some below tips may help you for securely parking and avoiding over-charged/scam.

  • You should use the organized parking service if there is one available around. You should not just leave the bikes anywhere (even if you lock it). Always best to have someone watch it.
  • The official price is 5,000 vnd/bike for every parking lot in Hoi An (no matter how many hours). Some people may ask you for 10,000 vnd (it is still ok if you can afford). But 20,000 or 50,000 vnd/bike is a crazy scam. So you should tell them that you live here in Hoi An and you pay 5,000 for the service. If they try to cheat you, you will report it to the local government.
  • Parking time often ends at 10 pm at night. Therefore, you should collect the bike before that. If not, the security man/woman may bring your bike to another place (maybe their houses) and you can not find it. The motorbike is allowed in the old town after 9.30 pm. So you can collect the bike from the parking lot and ride to the restaurant/cafe you will be seating.
  • Take photos of the bike and the ticket. It may be helpful in case you lose the ticket (you can show it to the security man who takes care of your bike). If you find you lose the ticket, you should come out to your bike to explain this as soon as possible (to avoid any bad people may collect your ticket and steal the bike before).
  • At the parking lot, you will not be allowed to lock the handle bar of the bike (the security men need to arrange the bikes for in/out). But you should lock the cover of the lock (almost all of the bikes have this feature except keyless bikes). For keyless bikes, you should lock the engine before leaving. It maybe helpful in case the theft intend to steal your bike, they can not unlock the cover to unlock the bike (parking service is not 100% guaranteed for your bike secure).
  • At almost all restaurants/cafe/shops in Hoi An, there is no security man who may help to watch your bikes. Therefore, you should park your bikes at the center position at front of the shops. So you (or other people) can have a watch it. If you park your bikes at a hidden position, you should lock the bike (lock both the handle bar and the cover) and tell the shop owners help to have a look.

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3. List of parking lots in Hoi An

3.1. Hoi An Old Town

There are a lot of bike parking lots around the peripheries of the old town. It is easy for you to find one to park your bikes. For bike parking around Hoi An Old Town, please check the list as below or click this link for Google Maps.

3.2. The beaches

3.3. Other attractions in Hoi An

4. Bike parking at My Son, Ba Na Hills

5. Some photos

Hoi An bike parking

Bike parking Hoi An old town

Bike parking at An Bang Beach (Hoi An)

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